• OUTSIDE-IN: THE SOCIAL BRAIN, CULTURE, AND THE SEL : Joseph E. LeDoux will share stage with Siri Hustvedt, and Jason Tougaw talking about  elusive brains on Mar. 2 2018 in the Graduate Center, CUNY. The panel discussion will be followed by a musical performance by So We Are, LeDoux’s musical duo with Colin Dempsey.
  • (February 2, 2018) The Elusive Brain : Literary Experiments in the Age of Neuroscience. Hardback English By (author) Jason Tougaw , Foreword by Joseph E. LeDoux. Publication date 24 Apr 2018; Publisher Yale University Press
  • (January 22, 2018) dana.org: Know Thyself: Well-Being and Subjective Experience . By: Joseph LeDoux, Ph.D., Richard Brown, Ph.D., Daniel S. Pine, M.D, and Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D.
  • (January 22, 2018) artnews.com: Nene Humphrey at Lesley Heller Workspace, New York.By The Editors of ARTnews
  • Joseph LeDoux will speak at the coming conference – "Anxiety". Rome, Italy | Feb 10, 2018. Joined by his band member Colin Dempsey, he will also perform a few songs in the conference opening night.
  • Facing Fear : Why do our bodies and minds react the way they do when we’re in danger? LeDoux will discusses the impact of recent research into the neurological and emotional roots of fear, and why it might change our pharmacological and behavioral approaches to helping people reframe this emotion. Ripley Center, Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 6:45 p.m. Washington, D.C.
  • (December 27, 2017) PORT0. "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" by Joseph LeDoux, The Amygdaloids, and the album "Anxious" (2015), is the official song of the 2nd World Congress on Facial Expression of Emotion (2ndWCFEE 2018), to be held in Porto (Portugal), on October 11-13, 2018. "It's a love song about Pavlovian conditioning," said Prof. Joseph LeDoux to Prof. Freitas-Magalhães.
  • (December 6, 2017) My Mind's Eye: A Series of Video Interviews with Joseph LeDoux. Episode #5: The Roots of Behavior: An interview with Cori Bargmann
  • (December 6, 2017) The subjective experience of emotion: a fearful view - LeDoux and Hofmann just published a paper to emphasize the importance of Subjective Experience in understanding what emotion is, and also in understanding and treating emotional disorders.
  • (October 19, 2017)Simple Ways to Be Better at Remembering- Adam Poprscu quotes Joseph LeDoux in a New York Times article about ways to improve memory.
  • (August 4, 2017) For those in the Boston area over the summer and fall, check out Kirk Hammett's Horror Movie poster collection: 'It's Alive!: Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Movie Posters from the Kirk Hammett Collection' at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. it's opening on August 12! LeDoux wrote an essay on why we love to be scared by horror films for the show's catalog.
  • (August 1, 2017) The Mystery Of ADHD Motivation, Solved. By Terence Szuplat - LeDoux's book The Emotional Brain was cited in the article.
  • (Apr. 24, 2017)LeDoux and his research were mentioned in the article on Today's Washington Post: Perspective|We already know what President Trump will say if terrorists strike in the U.S. By Terence Szuplat
  • (Mar.30, 2017) It's Alive!" Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection - along with intriguing essays by Daniel Finamore, Joseph LeDoux, and Steve Almond on view at the Peabody Essex Museum from August 12 to November 26, 2017.
  • (Mar.28, 2017) National Academy of Sciences: The National Academy of Sciences today features guest post from LeDoux's article with Richard Brown on "A Higher-Order Theory of Emotional Consciousness" recently published in the Proceedings of the NAS.

  • (Mar.16, 2017) Cell.com: Semantics, Surplus Meaning, and the Science of Fear - Read LeDoux's new article on Cell Press.
  • (Feb.27, 2017) menshealth.com: Everything We Know About Fear and Anxiety Might Be Wrong - by By Alanna Nuñez
  • WHAT IS FEAR? AND IS FEAR OF DEATH REALLY A “FEAR”? - Joseph LeDoux will be speaking on death and fear, as part of a panel on Awareness of Death. Join the live webcast "Awareness of Death and Personal Mortality: Implications for Anthropogeny" in Mar. 3, 2017 -1:00pm to 5:30pm!
  • (Feb.19, 2017) Interesting commentary on LeDoux and Brown's "A Higher-Order Theory of Emotional Consciousness" from Conscious Entities: Fear and HOROR
  • (Feb.17, 2017) bilimfili.com: Duyguların İçgüdüsel Değil, Bilişsel Olduğu Sonucuna Varıldı By Sevkan Uzel
  • (Feb.17, 2017) psychologytoday: Joseph LeDoux Reports: Emotions Are “Higher-Order States” By Christopher Bergland.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) LeDoux and Brown's PNAS paper with on A Higher-Order Theory of Emotional Consciousness appears on the FB Page,The Vigina Monologues.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) psychcentral.com: Emotions May Be Learned, Not Innate By Rick Nauert PhD.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) neurosciencenews.com: Emotions Are Cognitive, Not Innate.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) sciencedaily.com: Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) medicalxpress.com: Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude.
  • (Feb.15, 2017) PNAS Early Edition: What is an Emotion? Joseph LeDoux and Richard Brown provide their answer: A Higher-Order Theory of Emotional Consciousness.
  • (Feb.10, 2017) Scientific American: Why Do Our Memories Change? [Video] - By Mark Fischetti
  • (Jan.17, 2017) mtv.com/news: FEARING FEAR ITSELF AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION - Our political anxieties didn't go away in november. So... whta do we we do about it? By Jaime Fuller
  • (Jan.9, 2017) Great start for 2017, Lorenzo and Valérie's paper published in Nature!- Updating temporal expectancy of an aversive event engages striatal plasticity under amygdala control.
  • Mega Event Brain Knowledge on Saturday, December 17, 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany: Josph LeDoux will present "The struggle with fear - Implications for understanding And the treatment of fear and fear ". (Presentation in English with simultaneous translation)
  • (Dec.1, 2016) cell.com: What We Talk About When We Talk About Emotions - Cell editor Mirna Kvajo talked with Joe LeDoux, Cristina Alberini, and Liz Phelps about the challenges in researching emotions and whether studies in animals can teach us about them. <Listen to the the Conversation>
  • (Dec. 1, 2016) thehindubusinessline.com:Striking the right chord by GAILYNN NICKS/YANNICK CARRIOU
  • (Nov.29, 2016) news.com.au: When controversial mass shooting tactic ‘run, hide, fight’ actually works by Rohan Smith
  • (Nov.28, 2016) nydailynews.com: Ohio State University urges students to 'Run Hide Fight' in active shooter situation — here's what it means by DAN GOOD
  • (Nov.28, 2016) seekingalpha.com:Sentiment Speaks: Answering Your Questions Of How Sentiment Can Accurately Track The Metals Market by Avi Gilburt
  • (Nov.28, 2016) slate.com/blogs:In Moments of Crisis, Should You Really “Run, Hide, Fight”? By David Canfield
  • (Nov. 09, 2016) Joseph E. LeDoux, Ph.D., was awarded the 2016 Jean-Marie Delwart International Prize
  • (Oct. 29, 2016) vocativ.com A Neuroscientist Takes Us Inside The Science Of Fear The Anxious Brain
  • (Oct. 24, 2016) danablog.org: The Anxious Brain
  • (Oct. 21, 2016) QUARTZ: Fear is often used to control us—but we can also use it to make better decisions by Robin M. Hogarth
  • (Oct. 18, 2016) nature.com: The birth, death and resurrection of avoidance: a reconceptualization of a troubled paradigm A new review paper by LeDoux et al. published in Molecular Psychiatry
  • (Oct. 18, 2016) aaas.org: Neuroscience and Society: The Anxious Brain: The Neuroscience of Phobias. LeDoux Presented in The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • (Oct. 17, 2016) PsychiatryAdvisor: Understanding Fear and Anxiety to Develop Adequate Treatments
  • (Oct. 13, 2016) hyperallergic.com: A Performance Where Victorian Mourning Braiding Meets Neuroscience
  • (Oct. 13, 2016) cronkitenews.azpbs.org: Why we love a good scare.
  • Reminder: Program for October 13, 2016: LabLinks: Emotion and the Brain.
  • (Oct.08, 2016) Kingdablog: LeDoux: Anxiety and Neuropsychoanalysis.
  • (October 06, 2016) Rollingstone: Why We're Living in the Age of Fear - This is the safest time in human history. So why are we all so afraid?
  • (September 21, 2016) Does Prozac Really Treat Anxiety? Maybe Not- An Interview With Joseph LeDoux|Inverse.
  • (September 21, 2016) lansingcitypulse.com: Advice Goddess - Thinking Outside The Boobs and The Son Also Plagiarizes BY AMY ALKON
  • (September 18, 2016) Joseph LeDoux will moderate 'The Mind' - one of NYU Inauguration Celebration Week events. LeDoux and his musical partner, Colin Dempsey, the duo known as So We Are, will also perform songs about mind and brain in the event.
  • (September 17, 2016) Joseph LeDoux features in the PBS television series 'Closer to Truth'. Watch the series of interviews here.
  • Program for October 13, 2016: LabLinks: Emotion and the Brain.
  • (September 10, 2016) indiatimes.com: New study to help you treat fear and anxiety.
  • (September 9, 2016) National Institute of Mental Health: Circuitry for Fearful Feelings, Behavior Untangled in Anxiety Disorders.
  • (September 9, 2016) eurekalert.org: Researchers outline barriers to treating fear and anxiety
  • (September 9, 2016) Joseph LeDoux and Daniel Pine's paper has jsut published in the American J. Psychiatry today: Using Neuroscience to Help Understand Fear and Anxiety: A Two-System Framework.
  • (August 9, 2016) Joseph LeDoux's book "Anxious" has received the 2016 William James Book Award from the American Psychological Association.
  • (April 21, 2016) Odyssey of the Mind:In this event, Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux will be joined by Colin Dempsey  under the duo name So We Are , to give a musical performance related to the topic of his talk: The Unconscious Is Less Mysterious But No Less Important Than You Thought.
  • (March 30, 2016) Rocking Out for CNS 2016:Three bands made up of CNS members – The Amygdaloids, Pavlov’s Dogz, and The Shrinks – are playing this Sunday, on the occasion of the CNS annual meeting in New York.
  • clomedia.com(March 4, 2016): When Emotions Hijack Your Rational Response - Brain research can help decipher the reason behind those awful, eyebrow-raising office gaffes. By Bravetta Hassell.
  • cmbc.emory.edu(February 9, 2016): Conference explores 'Foundations of Emotions in Mind, Brain and Culture': Joseph LeDoux will discuss his research about the biological framework of fear and memory in CMBC' s upcoming conference.
  • Project Syndicate (January 14,2016) Getting Anxiety Right - by Joseph LeDoux.
  • Project Syndicate (January 14,2016) Getting Anxiety Right - by Joseph LeDoux.
  • The Nation (December 23, 2015) Is Anxiety the Price We Pay For Freedom? - 'Anxious' book review by Simon Wolfe Taylor
  • NYtimes (December 18, 2015) ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ Is Not How Our Brains Work - Joseph LeDoux.
  • World Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from June 12-15, 2016. Joseph LeDoux is invited for the opening speech at the conference.
  • November 6, 2015 - The New York Consciousness Collective - Joe LeDoux joins the select group of those who have given a talk at CUNY's Cognitive Science Speaker Series and then participated in a jam session afterward.
  • November 4, 2015 - Memory, Trauma and Resilience at Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Nov 18, 730p. Tickets on sale now.
    Learn about new research on memory and trauma in this moderated panel featuring Joseph LeDoux (New York University), George Bonanno (Columbia University), Charles Marmar (NYU Langone Medical Center) and Daniela Schiller (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai). BBC journalist and author Kim Ghattas will serve as moderator.
  • October 23, 2015 - Today's Book-of-the-Day Show - How To Control Your Fear: My Interview With Top Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux | Tai Lopez.
  • Times Higher Education (Book Review) (September 24, 2015): Anxious: The Modern Mind in the Age of Anxiety, by Joseph LeDoux - A study of fear and how to cope with it is admirably unafraid to take sides, finds Tristan A. Bekinschtein. BY TRISTAN A. BEKINSCHTEIN
  • rewireme.com (September 19, 2015): Anxious: Using The Brain To Understand And Treat Fear And Anxiety - Book review by LIZ CAMPESE
  • rogerdooley.com (September 17, 2015): What Your Amygdala Really Does, with Joseph LeDoux - An interview conducted by Roger Dooley. Covers The Amygdaloids and Anxious (the book and CD).
  • EBBS & EBPS Joint Meeting, Verona, Italy,September 12-15, 2015: Joseph LeDoux will give Joint Opening Lecture : Reacting and Acting When in Harm’s Way: What’s the Role of Fear?
  • psychologytoday.com/blog (August 25, 2015): Psychotherapy as a Learning Experience - Suggestions from the neuroscience of learning and memory by Joseph E LeDoux in "I Got a Mind to Tell You"
  • independent.co.uk (August 20, 2015): Anxious: The Modern Mind in the Age of Anxiety by Joseph E LeDoux, book review -A real-life cure for the worriers of the world by Liz Hoggard
  • psychologytoday.com/blog (August 16, 2015): What's Wrong with Antianxiety Drugs? - A possible path towards better options by Joseph E LeDoux in "I Got a Mind to Tell You"
  • psychologytoday.com/blog (August 10, 2015): The Amygdala Is NOT the Brain's Fear Center by Joseph E LeDoux in "I Got a Mind to Tell You"
  • The Mixtape on WJFF: On Friday, August 14, Joseph LeDoux will join Jason Tougaw to discuss Anxious the book and the CD, and to spin lots of songs about anxiety and fear. They will preview some of these songs during the coming week on Music about mind and brain and mental disorders
  • Wall Street Journal (Book Review) (August 07, 2015) If You Give a Mouse a Xanax By Leonore Tiefer
  • madinamerica.com (August 07, 2015) Thoughts on the Nature of Emotions By Jill Littrell, Ph.D.
  • NATURE | BOOKS AND ARTS (August 06, 2015) Inside the fear factor - Dr. Susanne Ahmari reviews Anxious (The book) for Nature
  • psychologytoday.com/blog (August 04, 2015): Ep. 11 Joseph LeDoux And Anxiety
  • nymag.com (July 23, 2015)- A Neuroscientist Argues That Everybody Is Misunderstanding Fear and Anxiety. By Casey Schwartz
  • Salon.com (July 19, 2015)- “Inside Out” draws from Darwin’s theory of the nature of emotions — I think he got it wrong. By Joseph LeDoux
  • Anxious with Joseph LeDoux + Mark Epstein - July 15, 2015. The Rubin Museum of Art. In conversation with psychiatrist Mark Epstein, neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux tells us why in his latest book ANXIOUS: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety.
  • WNYC(July 15, 2015)- The Leonard Lopate Show: How the Brain Processes Anxiety
  • ANXIOUS: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety - Joe's new book and CD released today - July 14th, 2015
  • psychologytoday.com(July 7, 2015): Fear Itself - A provocative claim that anxiety and fear involve conscious awareness. by Glenn C. Altschuler, Ph.D /This is America.
  • Science (July 3, 2015)-Book review: Facing our fears - New insights into the brain’s fear circuitry could yield more effective treatments for anxiety disorders. By Stephen Maren
  • LeDoux Recognized by APS for Fear, Anxiety Research - Joseph E. LeDoux, a 2015 recipient of the APS William James Fellow Award, will speak at the 27th APS Annual Convention in New York City, to be held May 21–24, […]
  • Brains and Brews - On Mar. 22, Eric Klann and Joseph LeDoux will talk about Neuroscience followed by a concert by So We Are. Click HERE to get the free tickets.
  • Video( February 24 2015): Joseph LeDoux Talking about fear during SOPSI 2015 Congress in Milano, Italy
  • Anxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety - Joe's new book will be released on July 14th, 2015
  • Dædalus ( 2015 ): Feelings: What Are They & How Does the Brain Make Them? by Joseph LeDoux
  • aljazeera.com (December 25, 2014): The neuroscience of nostalgia — strong holiday memories explained by Luba Ostashevsky
  • medpagetoday.com(December 22, 2014): The Amygdaloids: NYU Docs Rock the House-Heavy 'mental' music from neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux
  • NYU(December 19, 2014):New York University will host Alexis Gambis, founder and director of Imagine Science Films, for a discussion of his first feature-length film, “The Fly Room,” on Fri., Jan. 23, 2015. Joe has a small role as Theodore Dreisser (the novelist) in this film.
  • NIMH (December 16, 2014): Recent lab paper by Johansen et al was listed as Best of 2014 in NIMH Director’s Blog.
  • December 16, 2014 - Science, comedy, Joseph LeDoux and Janeane Garofalo! You're the Expert: JANEANE GAROFALO is going to be on the panel talking to Dr. Joseph LeDoux, one of the world's leading neuroscientists about the science behind our emotions. Get your tickets HERE
  • El País (December 14, 2014): The LeDoux Lab, especially Lorenzo Diaz-Mataix, in El Pais. The Amygdaloids also get a nod: Identificado el mecanismo que graba el miedo en el cerebro.
  • The Huffingtonpost( December 11, 2014) : Why Painful Memories Linger. By Christopher Wanjek
  • December 8, 2014 -nyu.edu Press release: Scientist Shed New Light on How Bad Experience to Change the Brain to Produce Memories.
  • December 8, 2014 - Neurosciencenews.com: Shedding New Light on the Formation of Emotional Fear Memories
  • December 8, 2014 - Joshua P. J and Lorenzo Díaz-Mataix et al.just published a paper in PNAS: Hebbian and neuromodulatory mechanisms interact to trigger associative memory formation
  • October 17, 2014 - Emotion in the Arts and Sciences: a roundtable discussion between Rosanne Cash and Joseph LeDoux, moderated by Judith Regan (host of Sirius-XM Stars Channel’s “The Judith Regan Show”), will take place on Tues., Nov. 18, 7-8 p.m. at NYU’s Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (Grand Hall Room573). The event is free and open to the public with limited seating available. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Reservation is required, and a seat can be requested at eventsebi.nyu@gmail.com.
  • October 10, 2014 - Good luck on your new Journey, Linnaea! One of the core scientists of our lab during the last several years, Dr. Linnaea Ostroff, has taken a position as an Assistant Investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Read more on our Facebook.
  • October 06, 2014 - Congratulations from the LeDoux Lab to John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser for their well-deserved Nobel Prize !!!
  • August 20, 2014 - Scientific American : How Do Our Brains Remember? [Video] - Joe LeDoux interviews Eric Kande. By Mark Fischetti
  • June 30, 2014 - Scientific American (June 30, 2014): Free Will: Is Your Brain the Boss of You? [Video] - Joe LeDoux interviews Mike Gazzaniga on the topic of free will and the brain featuring "How free is your will" By Amygdaloids
  • June 17, 2014 - MIT Technology Review : The Promise and Perils of Manipulating Memory - Q+A Joseph LeDoux by Brian Bergstein
  • May 07, 2014 - "Lesions of lateral or central amygdala abolish aversive Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer in rats. " Vincent Campese et al. published a paper in Front. Behav. Neurosci.
  • April 10, 2014 - " 7. 1996-2001: A Great Time to be in That Great Lab in That Great City" - Former postdoc Karim Nader shares his experience in the LeDoux lab in the 90's in this week's blog post
  • March 26, 2014 - Joseph LeDoux has been named a recipient of the William James Fellow Award for 2015.
  • February 26, 2014 - ROCK YOUR MIND! Brain Science and Rock Music Come Together to Shift Communication for Consciousness Science During Brain Awareness Week at The Bowery Electric---March 13
  • February 25, 2014 - PNAS: The Amygdaloids. by Stephen Ornes, Science Writer.
  • February 10, 2014 - PNAS: QnAs with Joseph LeDoux - This is a QnAs with a recently elected member of the National Academy of Sciences to accompany the member’s Inaugural Article. Hosted by Prashant Nair.
  • February 5, 2014 - Coming to terms with fear. PNAS published Joe's new paper online today.
  • February, 2014 - Molecular mechanisms of threat learning in the lateral nucleus of the amygdala. - A new publication by Rob Sears et al. in
  • Janurary 13, 2014 - Finding Myself in The LeDoux Lab- Former postdoc Greg Quirk shares his experience in the LeDoux lab in the 90's in this week's blog post @ledouxlab.tumblr.com.
  • December 31, 2013 - Can Outliers Help Us Understand the Average Brain?- Former student, Dr. Kiriana Cowansage on the importance of individual differences.@ledouxlab.tumblr.com
  • December 22, 2013 -Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer: How a Cue can Drive Behavior- Dr. Vinn Campese talks about how certain cues can drive behavior and how we plan to examine this phenomenon with threat in the brain @ledouxlab.tumblr.com.
  • December 18, 2013 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The Amygdaloids entertained EBI and LeDouxlab's joint holiday party at Cantina Royal in Williamsburg.
  • December 18, 2013 -Today we celebrate Dr. Hillary Schiff and her successful dissertation defense. Well done, Hillary! Congratulations Dr. Hillary Schiff ! We're so proud of you.
  • December 12, 2013 - " Synapses lacking astrocyte appear in the amygdala during consolidation of Pavlovian threat conditioning - Ostroff et al. published a paper in Journal of Comparative Neurology.
  • December 10, 2013 - "Gumbo, Fear and Rock-n-Roll - New Online Publication Covers the Emotional Brain and Reveals at Least One of Joe’s Little Secrets" . By JoAnna Klein@ledouxlab.tumblr.com
  • December 9, 2013 - "Joe LeDoux: The Emotional Brain, Gumbo and the Amygdaloids" - in the official newsletter of the International Society for Research on Emotion , Emotion Researcher, featured Joe LeDoux as the first interviewee of the series.
  • December 2, 2013 - "How the Prefrontal Cortex and the Amygdala Compete to Keep You Safe" - Justin Moscarello has a poster on LeDoux Lab Blogosphere.
  • November 26, 2013 - " Development of an aversive Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer task in rat" - Vincent Campese et al. published a paper in Front. Behav. Neurosci.
  • November 25, 2013 - "Orexin/hypocretin system modulates amygdala-dependent threat learning through the locus coeruleus" - Robert M. Sears et al. published a paper in PNAS .
  • November 25, 2013 - "Extinction during reconsolidation of threat memory diminishes prefrontal cortex involvement" by Schiller et al. - A new paper, a collaboration with Phelps Lab at NYU, published in PNAS .
  • November 19, 2013 - The LeDoux Lab launches its blog on Tumblr with Joe's first post "An Emotional Brain is a Hard Thing to Tame".
  • November 9, 2013 - LeDouxlab at 2013 SfN - Read our <Abstracts>
  • October 31, 2013 - The Science of Fear- Join neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux for a live chat on Thursday, 31 October, at 3 p.m. on news.sciencemag.org/brain-behavio .
  • October 20, 2013 - Photos from EBI's past event "The Brain, the Mind, and Meditation” - Photos by Rose Meacham
  • October 10, 2013 - Brain, Mind, Meditation: An Event Sponsored by NYU's Emotional Brain Institute

    On Tuesday September 17, the Emotional Brain Institute will host "The Brain, the Mind, and Meditation,” a roundtable discussion featuring neuroscientist Richard Davidson and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman, on Tues., Sept. 17, 7-8 p.m. at NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life, Rosenthal Pavilion (60 Washington Square South, 10th Floor [at LaGuardia Place]). Judith Regan, host of Sirius-XM Stars Channel’s “The Judith Regan Show,” will moderate the session. RSVP required: eventsebi@gmail.com
  • August 8, 2013 Google Hangouts: Joe’s first Google Hangouts with Imagine Science films: Experimenta: Conversation with Joseph LeDoux About My Mind’s Eye
  • May 30, 2013 - Yadin Dudai has been awarded the Fondation IPSEN Neuronal Plasticity Prize for 2013.
  • April 30, 2013 - Joseph LeDoux is elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.
  • April 7, 2013 - For the Anxious, Avoidance Can Have an Upside. Joe wrote an article in The New York Times opinion section.
  • March 8, 2013) Photos from EBI's past event: EVENING OF EMOTION IN THE ARTS ANDSCIENCES
  • March 7, 2013 - Once More With Feeling: The Emotional Brain, the Actor and the Audience -- A photo gallery from EBI first annual EVENING OF EMOTION IN THE ARTS AND SCIENCES by NYU-Photo-Bureau
  • February 2, 2013 - This Week In Geek: Joseph E. LeDoux - NYU Local.
  • January 28, 2013 - What Is Consciousness? Go to the video! - The Mind Body Problem: Joe‘s interview with Ned Block for Scientific American By Mark Fischetti
  • January 15th, 2013 - The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.
  • (October 25, 2012) An Interview with Joe LeDoux, NYU Neuroscience Professor and Frontman of The Amygdaloids
  • (October 23, 2012) Joseph LeDoux participated in a discussion on The Daily Circuit, a broadcast of Minnesota Public Radio News, on why our fears don't always match up with the facts, and how to make healthier choices in a risky world.
  • (September 23, 2012) Joseph LeDoux has received the 2012 Gantt Medal from the Pavlovian Society.
  • (September 10, 2012)On fear, emotions and memory- Rock star/Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux’s new terms An interview by Margaret Emory in Brain World Magazine(Issue 1, Volume 4, Fall 2012)
  • ( August 6, 2012) Joe was interviewed by guest host Rosanne Cash on the WNYC Leonard Lopate show. They talked music, science and whatever else came up. Wednesday August 8, 12 noon WNYC 93.9FM, 820AM, archive at www.wnyc.org/shows/lopate/
  • (July 5, 2012) The Mental Groove: Joe was interviewed by Dr. Susan Hickman and Co-Host Courtney Armstrong on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.
  • (March 25, 2012) Finding Clues in the Fearful Brain. Joe's article in The New York Times opinion section.
  • (January 24, 2012) The Amygdaloids on “Science & U”
    Barry Mitchell interviews Joseph LeDoux and members of his band The Amygdaloids — New York City neuroscientists who write and perform “brainy” rock music.Their new EP, “All In Our Minds,” drops on January 28 and is available for download at www.amygdaloids.com.
  • (January 22, 2012) Searching the Brain for the Roots of Fear, Joe's article in NYtimes.
  • (January 15th, 2013) The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.
  • (January 15th, 2013) The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.
  • (January 15th, 2013) The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.
  • (January 15th, 2013) The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.
  • (January 15th, 2013) The Emotional Brain: Nene Humphrey in dialogue with Joseph LeDoux on January 15th at 7 p.m. at Proteus Gowanus.


  • (November 1, 2011) Doomsday On The Brain: DDFF 2011 by Doomsday Film Festival.
  • (November 1, 2011) Joe's article on The Amygdala is responsible for more visits to Scholarpedia from search engines than any other search term (other than scholarpedia).
  • (June 14, 2011)Music and the brain, literally - Read Joe's new article in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
  • (June 13, 2011) The flip side: scientists who rock - Read Joe's article in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
  • (May 19-20, 2011) Joe, as a honorary guest of the 15th Kraków Methodological Conference, delivered the 2011 Copernicus Lecture: Our emotional brains. Watch the <video>
  • (April 29, 2011)Joe LeDoux has been presented the Karl Spencer Lashley Award of the American Philosophical Society.
  • A Stockholm Psychiatry Lecture held Feb 2nd 2011 at Karolinska Institutet: What fearful rats can tell us about treating psychiatric disorders (Video)
  • The New York Academy of Sciences (October 20, 2010): Joe Wins American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientific Award.
  • (October 8, 2010) Joe's Latest Dispatch on TheBeautifulBrain.com:
    Part 6
  • Bringing do-it-yourself science to the masses - An Article about a mega science fair 'World Maker Faire' hosted by the New York Hall of Science and a Dana grantee. Joe LeDoux, joined by Ward White and Noah Hutton, played in the Rock-It Science Cabaret (Sept. 27, 2010).
  • (July 09, 2010 ) Joe and his band Amygdaloids on NPR's SCIENCE FRIDAY.
  • Joe's Blog Series on Beautiful Brain: Inside the Brain, Behind the Music
    -- Part 1: Fearing ( June 29, 2010)
    -- Part 2 Mind Over Matter (July 1, 2010)
    -- Part 3 Glue(July 8,2010)
    -- Part 4 How Free is Your Will (July 15, 2010)
    -- Part 5 Crime of Passion(July 23, 2010)
    -- Part 6 Brainstorm(October 8, 2010)
  • Joe LeDoux discusses emotion, memory, and the brain on Big Think– 6.24.10.
    --Watch's Joe's Interview on Big Think.
  • May 27, 2010 Joe LeDoux is on Charlie Rose Brain Series Episode Eight.
  • Well Tuned Guitars and Highly Strung People : New Huffington Post Blog about Joe's evening with Lenny Kaye at the Rubin Museum (April 26, 2010)
  • LeDoux and Guitarist Lenny Kaye of the Patti Smith Band in the conclusion of the 2010 Brainwave Series. (April 24, 2010 by Noah Hutton). View <Photos> by Michael Palmafor the Rubin Museum of Art.
  • Upcoming event: Sunday. June 6, 2010 in Cornelia St Cafe , Joe and Daniela will lecture on Fear, followed by The Amygdaloids' performance.
  • April 19, 2010 at 7 pm: How We Get Highly Strung, an evening with Lenny Kaye and Joseph LeDoux at the Rubin Museum. Talk and music. <Photos> by href="http://www.pcpa.com/events/event.php?event=5231">2010 Brain Awareness Lecture Series and then performed some Amygdaloids songs. Watch the <Video> (March 1, 2010)
  • This month’s PODCAST features an interview with Joseph LeDoux(Feb.5th, 2010): The Neuroscience Rocker: Inside the LeDoux Lab
  • The Hidden Face of Fear: A Film by Enrico Cerasuolo & Sergio Fergnachino
    with Professor Joseph E. LeDoux and Dr. Eric R. Kandel. The documentary is going to be screened by ARTE (France and Germany) on Friday January 29, 2010, at 10.05pm.(Jan.26,2010)
  • Joseph LeDoux received the 2009 D.O. Hebb Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.Congratulations Joe!
  • The Synaptic Reunion: The LeDoux lab celebrated 20 years at NYU in Hemmerdinger Hall on Saturday, December 12, 2009. Previous and current lab members presented work from their labs.
  • A cocktail reception in honor of Joe's 60th Birthday: On December 11, 2009, Joe's friends and the NYU community celebrated Joe's 60th Birthday in Hemmerdinger Hall, NYU.
  • Daniela Schiller was featured in Discover Magazine: Daniela is the subject of an article on both her science in the Phelps/LeDoux lab and her drumming for The Amygdaloids in the Nov issue of Discover.
  • Can Memories Be Erased?Read Joe's article on THE HUFFINGTON POST . (Posted: October 7, 2009)
  • The Neurology of fear: An Exclusive Interview With Joseph LeDoux on constructinghorror.com.
  • East Coast rocker-scientists swap labs for stage: An article in MSN Entertainment describes how LeDoux bundles his music and research together.(8/20/2009)
  • The Synaptic Reunion - 20 Years of the LeDoux Lab at NYU

     The LeDouxlab alumni reunion took place Saturday, December 12th, 2009. It included a day of presentations (of science and reminiscences) and ended with a party.

    There was a cocktail reception in honor of Joe's 60th birthday, followed by a performance by his band - The Amgydaloids.

  • Joseph LeDoux was on NPR's Morning Edition again (September 4, 2009) - Listen to and read the story: In Future, Science Could Erase Traumatic Memories.
  • Joseph LeDoux was on NPR's Morning Edition (August 28, 2009) - In Health Care Debate, Fear Trumps Logic..
  • Joseph LeDoux was awarded the 2009 Cátedra Santiago Grisolía Prize in
    Valencia, Spain.
  • Joseph LeDoux was given a Presidential Citation from the American
    Psychological Association
    for his contributions to the study of the emotional brain.
  • Joseph LeDoux was awarded the 2008 Donald O. Hebb Award from the American Psychological Association for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
  • Joseph LeDoux on THE HUFFINGTON POST
  • How does your brain work? (Posted May 11, 2009)
  • Guns, Germs and Squeals (Posted May 13, 2009 | 06:53 AM (EST)
  • Why the "Right Brain" Idea is Wrong-Headed (Posted: May 29, 2009 02:01 PM )
  • FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH: Joseph LeDoux's Exploits on Sabbatical at Cambridge
  • Post 1: Saturday, April 11, 2009, Cambridge UK
  • Post 2: Why “For What It’s Worth”
  • Post 3: One is the Loneliest Number
  • Post 4:Curse of the Watchtower, or Life Imitates Blog
  • Post 5:Guys, Spies, Rough Stuff, and Snuff
  • Post 6: Interstellar Overdrive
  • Post 7: Hold on, I’m Coming
  • Post 8: Radio, Radio
  • Post 9: A hard night’s day
  • Post 10: Synchronicity
  • Post 11: Slow Down
  • Post 12: Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
  • Post 13: The boy from New York City
  • Post 14: Spanish Castle Magic
  • Post 15: The Long and Winding Road
  • Post 16: Highway 61 Revisited
  • post 17: How does your brain work? (TheHuffington Post)
  • Post:18: Guns, Germs and Squeals (The Huffington Post)
  • Post:19: New York State of Mind
  • Post 20: Tomorrow Never Knows
  • An art exhibition from an artist in residence at Joseph LeDoux’s lab.
    -- Watch Artist Nene Humphrey's <Video> and <Artwork>
  • The Rock-It Science Festival: Rock It Science will feature The Amygdaloids and other bands made up of scientists, and lots of great guest artists: Lenny Kaye, Dee Snider, The Kennedys, Peter Holsapple, Gary Lucas, Steve Wynn, Dan Levitin, and more.

    Where: Highline Ballroom
    When:Tues March 3, 2009
  • Interview Joe LeDoux - Discover Magazine Video - Watch the <Video>.
    ------ More related articles on Discover Magazine :
    How to Erase a Single Memory

    Emotions and the Brain: Fear
  • A conference on emotion regulation: March 2-3, 2009 Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Park Central Hotel Ballroom, 870 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York 10019. Following the conference a music festival featuring science bands and special guest artists will take place.
  • NEWS & PRESS ARCHIVE (2007-2008)
  • Fearful Brains in an Anxious World: (Nov 11, 2008 • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM) An Evening with Joseph LeDoux An Evening with Joseph LeDoux. Sponsored by: Science & the City. Listen the<Audio> and View the<slide show>.
  • Factoring Fear: What Scares Us and Why (October 27, 2008 ). An article on LeDoux's work from Scientific American.
  • Spring, 2008. NYU Alumni Magazine: Anxiety on the Brain .
  • April 3, 2008. The Amygdaloids are not rocket scientists but brain scientists who rock-it. Watch the <video> for a short lecture on Emotion, Memory and the Brain by Dr.Joseph LeDoux followed by songs performed by The Amygdaloids at 92nd Y.
  • LeDoux's research and his band The Amygdaloids are among Brainwave festival events running across New York City until June -- Read the Article in Nature Books & Arts column.
  • Science current issue(Jan.11, 2008) has a short story on Dr. LeDoux's band in the Newsmakers column. Read the article Here. (PDF)
  • Can Fear Be Forgotten? POPULAR SCIENCE features LeDoux and his research (Dec.26, 2007).
  • Drug may soothe bad memories:(Oct.11, 2007) Washington Square News Features Joseph LeDoux's research.
  • “Why Do We Feel So Afraid?” - Topic of Joseph LeDoux Lecture, Oct. 10
  • Science, Music & Your Brain - Click here to watch the video(Monday, October 1, 2007).
  • The Emotional Brain -- A Lecture by Joseph LeDoux at the New York Open Center (Tuesday, October 2, 8pm)
  • Joseph LeDoux's heavy mental -- Jonathan Cott and Karen Rester interview Joe for Salon.Com about his research and The Amygdaloids. Jonathan is author of "On the Sea of Memory: A Journey From Forgetting to Remembering," editor of "Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews." He also did John Lennon's last interview, and has interviewed numerous other musicians. Karen Rester is a free-lance writer working on her first novel (July 25, 2007).
  • Heavy Mental: The Message is in the Music -- Arianna Huffington Blog Site Features Amygdaloids. Read the Article on the Huffington Post (July 24, 2007).
  • Radio Lab, Friday, June 08, 2007, an NPR program, interviewed Joe LeDoux about "Memory and Forgetting". Available as a podcast too. Listen to the whole show .
  • Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science Joseph LeDoux gave a speech to the class of 2007 at the graduation ceremony for NYU's College of Arts and Science at Madison Square Garden. Following his speech, LeDoux and his band, The Amygdaloids, performed for the crowd of graduates and their families. Read the <Speech>
  • Wipe out a single memory-A news story about our recent study from Nature.com.
  • A Band of Scientists Who Really Are a Band - An article in The New York Times.<Read the article>
  • The Amygdaloids performed as part of the Entertaining Science Cabaret at Cornelia Street Café on Sunday, Mar. 4, 2007 at 6PM. Click here for the details.
  • Wired to get wound up! Why emotions are so hard to control (Video)---Professor Joseph E LeDoux, Professor Keith Kendrick, Professor Raj Persaud - Gresham College Lectures (Wed. 21 February 2007 6pm at the Museum of London)

    Our poster in TimeOut about this event

    The Amygdaloids

    Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
    Venue: Cornelia Street Café
    Travel: Subway: A, C, E, B, D, F, V to W 4th St
    Category: Around Town
    Address: 29 Cornelia St
    Phone: 212-989-9319
    This week's schedule: March 4 at 6pm
    Details: Four NYU scientists, including neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux (The Emotional Brain) perform original songs, such as “Mind-Body Problem,” “All in a Nut” and “If You Want Your Mind to Last.”

  • Message in The Music -- An article on FORWARD (Fri. Jan 05, 2007) about The Amygdaloids.
  • NEWS & PRESS ARCHIVE (Before 2006)
  • The Amygdaloids was on NYU Tonight news in Nov.30, 2006 (set the time bar on RealPlayer at 9:29 min, the Amygdaloids News lasts about 4 minutes).
  • A Night of Mental Disorder -- Lectures followed by Rock music, November 1, 2006, 7:30 PM. See the poster for the details.<Download the poster>
  • 10 questions for Joseph LeDoux -- an interview with Dr. LeDoux.
  • Joseph LeDoux was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Mastery of Emotions - The Feb/Mar 2006 issue of Scientific American Mind has an article featuring Dr. Joseph LeDoux, titled "Master of Emotions"
  • Forgetting Fear - Both Dr. Phelps and Dr. LeDoux 's research appeared on this ScienCentral News. Read the full story.
  • Joseph LeDoux is the recipient of the 2005 Fyssen Prize.CONGRATULATIONS, Joe!
  • Joseph LeDoux received the 2005 award From New York Academy of Sciences, CONGRATULATIONS, Joe!
  • Joseph LeDoux and his research appeared on CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING --- "Delightfully Scared!" Sunday, October 31, 2004.
  • Joseph LeDoux and his research appeared on Washington Post ---- Tuesday, October 19, 2004; Page A01 "Is Every Memory Worth Keeping?"
  • Charlie Rose interviewed Joseph LeDoux in February 20, 2004
  • Fear: Its Political Uses and Abuses
    ----- A social research conference at new school university February 5-7, 2004
    Dr. Joe LeDoux spoke at this conference in Session 2 (Friday, February 6, 2004, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.).
  • A Science article (Science Apr 25 2003: 568-569) features LeDoux's research on fear.
  • Joseph LeDoux gave the Seventh Annual Swartz Foundation Mind/Brain Lecture on March 31st, 2003.Download the event flyer
  • Newsweek cover story --- Our Bodies, Our Fears
    A cover story in Newsweek's Feb. 24 issue features Joe LeDoux and his research.
  • Joseph LeDoux and his research in the recent Discover Magazine cover story:
    Emotions and the Brain ---A cover story about Joseph LeDoux and his research in the current issue of Discover Magazine --- DISCOVER Vol. 24 No. 3(March 2003)
  • Taking a Clinical Look at Human Emotions:
    On a recent balmy evening, Dr. Joseph LeDoux, a professor of neuroscience at New York University, strode to the stage of the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village and read from his latest book, "The Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are." --- Read the full article on New York Times, Tuesday, October 8, 2002
  • Joseph LeDoux on TEN Cover Essay and TEN Interview:
    In volume 4 : number 4--Neurological Engineering : Gaining Access to the Hidden Circuitry in Human Memory and Emotion. TEN - Trends in Evidence-Based Neuropsychiatry has a cover Essay and an interview articles about Dr. Joseph LeDoux and his research.
  • A New York Academy of Sciences Conference(September 26-28, 2002)--- The Self: From Soul to Brain .Organized by Joseph E. LeDoux
  • Joseph LeDoux on npr's Science Friday :
    March 29, 2002, Hour Two, in this hour of Science Friday, Ira talked with scientist Joseph LeDoux about his new book " The Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are."
  • Stress in the City : On January 29 Joseph LeDoux and other scientific and medical experts on stress spoke to the public on 'Stress in the city' as a result of Sept. 11.
    Click the link here to view lecture video and discussion video

  • The New York Time|SCIENCE (NOV. 5, 1996): Using Rats to Trace Anatomy of Fear, Biology of Emotion By SANDRA BLAKESLEENOV.